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Power steering system pressure sensor

Delivery in 3 to 5 weeks
  • Temperature range from -35 to +120 ° C.
  • Output response time of 3 mS.
  • Long life of 3 million complete cycles.
  • Suitable for harsh automotive system environments.

Product features Power steering system pressure sensor

Product presentation

The power steering system pressure sensor monitors and regulates high pressure oil pressure circulating in the left or right chamber of the power cylinder when the steering wheel is turned.

The data is then transmitted to the ECU to control the high pressure steering oil pump. Simultaneously, the steering wheel acts on the high-pressure oil drive cylinder to facilitate steering and reduce the effort required to maneuver.

The product has a good reliability and long service life, and is suitable for working in the harsh environment of automobile system.


Operating pressure 0 ~ 10,6 MPaG (adjustable range)

±1,0%FS (linearity, hysteresis, repeatability)

Total error band: ±3,0%FS (-35℃~+120℃)

A high precision version is also available

Operating temperature -35℃~+120℃
Storage temperature  -40℃~+150℃
Protection pressure 15,9 MPaG
Burst pressure 20 MPaG
Workplace hydraulic oil
Durée de vie 3 million complete cycles
Vibrations  11g (50 ~ 2000Hz)
Electrical interface YAZAKI RK03FB
Protection level IP69K
Housing material SWRCH22A-DA
Pressure connection M12 × 1,25
Supply voltage 5,0 ± 0,25 V DC
Output Voltage 0,5 ~ 4,5 V DC (adjustable over 5 V range)
Supply current 10mA (Maximum)
Load impedance 10 KΩ (typical)
Output response time 3mS
Protection contre les surtensions 40 V DC
Reverse voltage -40 VDC
Protection against short circuits Yes
ESD  15 KV
EMC (512 MHz to 1 GHz) 50 V / m
EMC (1 MHz to 512 MHz) 100 V / m

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