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Soil moisture probe

Soil moisture probe

Explore our Guilcor soil moisture sensors. Guaranteed precision and reliability to effectively control soil moisture. Opt for Guilcor and ensure efficient humidity measurements.

All about
soil probes

Soil moisture sensors are essential devices used in agriculture, gardening and landscaping to measure soil moisture levels. They allow gardeners and farmers to closely monitor plant growing conditions and optimize irrigation to achieve optimal yields.

These sensors are designed to measure soil water content at different depth levels. They use special probes or sensors to detect soil moisture and provide real-time data on humidity conditions, enabling precise and efficient watering.

Soil moisture probes are used in many applications, including:

  • Agriculture : To monitor crop growing conditions and optimize irrigation.
  • Gardening : To maintain optimal conditions in vegetable gardens, flower beds and lawns.
  • Landscaping : To ensure precise irrigation in green spaces, parks and golf courses.

Soil moisture sensors offer several advantages:

  • Water Saving : By precisely measuring soil moisture, the sensors help optimize irrigation and save water.
  • Improved Yields : By providing accurate data on soil conditions, sensors help optimize farming practices and improve crop yields.
  • Preventing Overwatering or Underwatering Problems : By continuously monitoring soil moisture, sensors help avoid problems associated with over- or under-watering plants.

I can't find my probe , how can you help me?

We will always be able to offer you the reliable, precise and robust probe you are looking for. 

On our website, we present a wide variety of humidity probes. Please note that you can also personalize your product on all specifications or make a request based on a technical drawing in order to create your probe. To this end, do not hesitate to contact us for a tailor-made offer. We will then take care of delivering your humidity probe to you as quickly as possible.