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Dew point humidity sensor

Dew point humidity sensor

Check out our dew point humidity sensors at Guilcor. Precise and reliable, they offer you optimal humidity control to guarantee ideal conditions. Choose Guilcor and ensure industry-leading humidity measurements.

Dew point humidity sensors are advanced devices used to measure dew point, an important parameter in monitoring and controlling air conditions. They are widely used in industries where air humidity control is critical, such as the pharmaceutical industry, food processing industry, laboratories and clean rooms.


These sensors use sophisticated technologies to measure the dew point, which is the temperature to which the air must be cooled for the water vapor in it to condense into liquid water. They provide accurate data on air humidity, enabling effective environmental control.


Dew point humidity sensors are used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Pharmaceutical industry : To ensure stable production conditions that meet quality standards.
  • Food industry : To control air humidity in storage warehouses and production rooms.
  • Laboratories : To maintain optimal working conditions in research laboratories and analysis rooms.
  • Clean Rooms : To control environmental conditions in sensitive environments requiring a high level of cleanliness.

Benefits of Dew Point Humidity Sensors

Dew point humidity sensors offer several advantages:

  1. Precise Humidity Control : By measuring the dew point, the sensors allow precise control of air humidity.
  2. Compliance with Quality Standards : By ensuring stable environmental conditions, sensors make it possible to comply with quality and safety standards.
  3. Problem Prevention : By continuously monitoring air humidity, sensors help prevent moisture-related problems, such as corrosion, mold and material deterioration.

Why Choose Guilcor?

At Guilcor, we offer a range of high quality dew point humidity sensors designed to meet the specific needs of industrial and commercial applications. Our products are manufactured to high quality standards, ensuring reliability and precision.

Plus, our team of experts is here to help you choose the right dew point humidity sensor for your specific needs and answer any questions you may have.

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Dew point humidity sensors are essential tools for monitoring and controlling air conditions in sensitive environments. At Guilcor, we offer a selection of high quality sensors to meet your needs. Contact us today to find the right dew point humidity sensor for your application!