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Humidity probe

Humidity probe

Humidity probes allow humidity to be measured using different sensors. Widely used in industry, these probes are connected or not to devices allowing their signals to be measured and analyzed. The choice of humidity probe depends on the application and the constraints to which it is subjected.

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What is a probe humidity?

Looking for a humidity measuring device. Do you still need to determine the type of probe you need? To choose a humidity probe you must take into account the environment and the application. We will not use the same probe to measure soil moisture and air humidity.

There are many parameters to consider:

Temperature range - Size - Response time - Communication - Connections - Electrical insulation - Certifications - Protection index - Fixings - etc...

The parameters listed below are the main ones, but depending on the field of application and the constraints, the list of specifications can be longer. All of these considerations must be taken into account when selecting your probe and we are here to guide you and offer you the most suitable product.

Humidity probe wired

These types of humidity probes are measuring devices that use a cable to connect the probe itself to a measuring device or control system.

This wired connection allows the transmission of humidity data between the probe and the measuring device. These probes must be installed close to the measuring device due to the limited range of the cable.

Humidity probe wireless

These types of humidity probes are stand-alone devices that do not need to be connected to a measuring device by cable. They offer greater freedom of placement because they are not limited by the reach of a cable.

They can be placed in locations far from the measuring device. However, they may be subject to interference in data transmission, which may affect the reliability of measurements.

Where do we use probes humidity?

Many industries use probes to measure and monitor humidity.

The most common are agriculture, medical and food. Each industry has specific requirements for its measuring instruments. For example, in the food industry, a humidity probe is useful to ensure the quality, safety and shelf life of products. Depending on the industry, the selection criteria differ: resistance to high temperatures, high precision, response time, etc.

where can you get a humidity probe?

No matter what type of probe you are looking for, you will find it at Guilcor.

We offer price and time guarantees to our customers. Our probes are stocked and shipped from Europe. Contact our sales representatives for an offer.