Temperature sensor for control of heating systems

In times of permanent reduction in the costs of heat consumption for heating buildings, it is very important to provide temperature quality regulation and temperature sensors are only the inherent component of such regulation. GUILCOR meets the needs of manufacturers of boilers, radiators and wood stoves, and engages in the development and manufacture of temperature sensors adapted to our customers' applications.

The main customers of GUILCOR are the manufacturers of gas boilers, fuel oil, pellets, wood, heating companies as well as installation and maintenance companies. 

Indoor and outdoor temperature measurement

The measurement of the outside temperature and the measurement of the inside temperature is an integral part of the equithermal regulation. Based on the measurement of these temperatures, the control system carries out the adjustment of the return water temperature. It also reflects external thermal effects such as exposure to the sun, heat given off during cooking in the kitchen, etc.

Temperature measurement of heaters

Contact or plunger temperature sensors in combination with a well provide quick response and can be used for return water control from central heating equipment. The reliability of our products guarantees you optimal control of your boiler. GUILCOR supports you from design to manufacture of your heating equipment.

Measurement of the temperature of combustion gases and fumes

Depending on the temperature of the combustion gases, it is possible to determine the thermal equilibrium of the burners with the possibility of regulating the air supply. Regulating the air supply can simply control the combustion process and reduce the chance of the stove overheating and possible ignition of soot in the chimney. Our temperature sensors are designed for direct measurement of the temperature of the flue gases flowing through the chimney.

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