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Combined sensor

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The combined probe - 5 sensors in one probe 

Due to the increasing requirements for indoor air quality, we are expanding our range of indoor temperature sensors with other measured physical values. We have developed combined indoor sensors that measure air temperature, relative air humidity, concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, atmospheric pressure and the amount of pollutants in the atmosphere of VOCs .

CO2 probe - CAN protocol

STHCPV Combined Probe - CAN

Combined indoor sensor for temperature, relative humidity, CO 2, atmospheric pressure and VOC - STHCPV 104 is c ...

What is the combined room sensor used for?

Ambient temperature measurement

This is the number 1 feature of a combination temperature probe. This will then allow you to adjust your heating systems (electric radiators, inertia, underfloor heating, air conditioning, heat pump, etc.) for optimal thermal comfort. You can even save energy since this device facilitates the proper regulation of the heating. 

Here we recommend that you pay special attention to the temperature range and the level of accuracy of the sensor. 

The humidity in the air

To breathe healthy air, it is advisable to maintain a humidity level between 30 and 70%. 

Above 70%, fungi, mites and molds are likely to develop more quickly. And therefore, the risk of allergies as well. 

Conversely, if the air is too dry, other respiratory problems may also appear. Not to mention itchy eyes, feelings of discomfort and the proliferation of bacteria.

It is therefore essential to control the level of humidity in your home using a combined room thermostat. 

CO2 concentration

The concentration of carbon dioxide in a room should be limited to 600 ppm. Beyond that, prolonged exposure can be dangerous for your health, and the first symptoms may be felt quickly (difficulty concentrating, sleep disturbance, headaches, body aches, etc.). 

So to know the CO2 level, there is the combined interior sensor. If you find that the limit is exceeded, it is high time to ventilate the room. 

Again, pay attention to the measurement range and level of accuracy of your temperature sensor. 

atmospheric pressure 

Atmospheric pressure affects future weather conditions. Thanks to your measuring probe, you can more easily anticipate the weather for the next few hours. 

The amount of pollutants

Here again, the combined probe gives you an indication of the quantity of pollutants (volatile organic compounds (VOC), pesticides, dust mites, moulds, formaldehydes, animal allergens, etc.) present inside the room. 

And if your home is too polluted, you will have to eliminate these organisms by airing or purifying the room. 

How to choose between all the combined temperature probes?

To adapt to each of your needs, we offer room probes with several sensors to measure different indicators. The idea is to provide you with the purest air quality possible. 

Beyond the various sensors allowing you to know the previous metrics, the choice of your temperature probe must also be made according to its characteristics, such as: 

  • The level of consumption: the idea is to find a room sensor that does not consume too much in order to lower the energy bill. 
  • The degree of protection: this is the tightness of your measuring devices, both against dust, but also against water or droplets. That said, since these are indoor sensors, they don't have to give you rain protection. 
  • Dimensions: for your home or even for offices, Guilcor offers you small-sized room thermostats, for maximum discretion. 

Where to find his combined probe?

To find reliable, efficient and precise measuring instruments, go to Guilcor. We offer a wide range of combined probes to adapt to all your needs. Thanks to the action of all the sensors, you can control the quality of the ambient air. 

Now all you have to do is choose the probe that suits your needs. You can also contact us for more information on temperature sensors, prices or delivery times.