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The SIGFOX REMOTE TEMPERATURE SENSOR is a long-range, low-power, high-performance, high-quality narrowband wireless device that transmits temperature from an NTC probe.

The REMOTE TEMPERATURE SENSOR is ideal for monitoring hot spots (machines, pipes), the cold chain (temperature-controlled rooms, cooling towers) and buildings (residential, industrial). It provides a connection to any wireless network using the SIGFOX TM protocol. Transmission takes place regularly and by threshold alert. The unit indicates every 24 hours the average, minimum and maximum measured temperature which is useful for calculating the unified degree-days, which is a typical indicator of energy consumption and heating or cooling costs.

The REMOTE TEMPERATURE SENSOR is easy to use, deploy and maintain: NFC label for identification (part number, serial number and MAC address) Magnetic switch to activate / deactivate.

The measured temperatures can be stored locally, concatenated and compressed. This unique batch mechanism dramatically reduces the amount of data transmission for demanding applications and greatly increases battery life. Powered by a lithium battery, in data compression mode, it allows autonomy up to 12 years when measuring once an hour and radio data transmission once a day. The configuration of the transmitter can be done in the factory or on site allowing the choice of the measurement cycle, the measurement, the frequency of radio transmission of the information frame, alarm threshold values, the compression mode of the data.

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