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Indoor temperature monitoring

It is an intelligent LoRaWAN ™ sensor with a high precision temperature sensor, with an accuracy of ± 0,2 ...
Price 108,33 €

The partnership between SENSING LABS and GUILCOR allows easy integration of a wide choice of temperature sensors into LORAWAN SENSING LABS transmitters. An extended measuring range from -190 ° C to + 600 ° C for all applications.

GUILCOR has been designing and manufacturing for more than 30 years a wide choice of temperature sensors for all types of uses. Our team will help you design the ideal sensor and then easily connect it via a connector to the SENSING LABS transmitter. We offer our custom-made sensors from one piece with fast delivery times.

TEM-LAB-34NS available with a multitude of temperature sensors


Diameter 1,5mm

With Fitting


At pod


To prick

Connection head

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