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Thermapen Classic thermometers

Measures temperature in 3 seconds. Simple and light to use. Large digital display. Calibration certificate traced ...
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The Thermapen is the world's best-selling premium food thermometer.

No more overcooked steaks and failed grilling. Successful cooking every time with the guarantee of a perfect result.

Digital food thermometers have long been the secret weapon of professional chefs around the world.

Now every home chef can have the same thermometers and temperature probes that are used by professionals.

Ultra-fast and easy-to-use food thermometers.

Thermapen food thermometers are incredibly easy to use. Remove the probe, place the probe in the center of everything you cook and in less than 3 seconds you will have a tempered reading letting you know if your food is done.

Discover professional cooking with the Thermapen. You'll never cook the same way again. 

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