MPE diaphragm pressure gauge

In production :  6 to 8 weeks

Nominal size: 100 and 160 mm

Display ranges:

-          0 ... 10 mbar to 0 ... 40 bar (not filled)

-          0 ... 40 mbar to 0 ... 40 bar (filled)

Mechanical concept : Bayonet ring

Box filling:  None or glycerin

Connection material: 316L stainless steel


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Possible fields of application:

Horizontal diaphragm pressure gauges allow you to find versions suitable for even difficult types of fluids, such as aggressive, contaminated or viscous fluids. The stainless steel bayonet ring housing is designed for applications where a rustproof, high chemical resistance housing is required (dirty, humid or corrosive atmosphere).


Display ranges: 0..10 bar to 0… 40 bar, with PTFE sheet starting at 0 ... 40 mbar; filled from 0 ... 40 mbar available.


Thread and connection materials: Type 316L pressure gauges with stainless steel connection are available with a stainless steel diaphragm (40 to 250 mbar) or a Duratherm diaphragm (0,4 to 40 bar). In addition, they can optionally be manufactured with a PTFE lining.

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