Thermistor test plugs *Step required

In production :  1 to 3 weeks

Thermistor test plugs:

- supplied with a UKAS calibration certificate

- check the accuracy of any thermistor thermometer

- available in a range of temperatures

- not available for next day delivery, as certified at the time of order

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Thermistor test plugs are suitable for checking the accuracy of Therma 20, Therma 22  or any equivalent thermistor thermometer.

Just plug in the desired test cap and the display on the thermometer should show the same temperature as the certified value, so you can rest assured that your instrument is calibrated and reads correctly.

Each test plug is supplied with a UKAS calibration certificate with guaranteed uncertainty of ± 0,1 ° C.

- warranty: two years

- measuring scale: Celsius

- certification: UKAS calibration certificate

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