Automotive air conditioning pressure sensor

Pressure sensor for automotive air conditioning - Female connector

In production :  1 to 3 weeks
automotive air conditioning pressure sensor can measure the refrigerant pressure of the air conditioning system for real-time ECU monitoring, optimize system control strategy, reduce idle speed and save energy.The high measurement accuracy allows the computer to achieve optimal control of the air conditioning system.

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This pressure sensor for automotive air conditioning can measure air conditioning system refrigerant pressure for real-time monitoring through the ECU, optimize system control, reduce idle speed and save energy.

Pressure probe female connector
Technical drawing Automotive air conditioning pressure sensor
Working pressure

0 ~ 4.6Mpa (Adjustable range)


± 1,0% FS (linear, hysteresis, repeatability, calibration)

Full error band

± 1,5% of full scale (-20 ° C to + 85 ° C) or ± 2,5% FS (-40 ° C ~ + 135 ° C)

Operating temperature

-40 ° C ~ + 135 ° C

Storage temperature

-40 ° C ~ + 150 ° C

Protection pressure


Burst pressure


Measuring fluid

HFC134a, PAG oil

Durée de vie

5 million complete cycles


11g (50 ~ 2000Hz)

Electrical interface

Packard # 12065287

Protection level


Housing material

aluminum alloy A6061-T6

Pressure connection

7 / 16-20UNF-2B

Supply voltage

5.0 ± 0.25VDC

Output Voltage

0.5 ~ 4.5VDC (adjustable in the range of 5V)

Supply current

10mA (maximum)

Load impedance


Output response time


Protection contre les surtensions


Reverse voltage


Protection against short circuits


EMC (512 MHz - 1 GHz)

50V / m

EMC (1 MHz - 512 MHz)

100 V / m



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