Pressure sensor for fuel pump outlet

Pressure sensor for fuel pump outlet

In production :  1 to 3 weeks
Sensor used to:
- Measure and regulate the energy consumption of gasoline pump systems
- Check the pressure over-limit
- Ensure an adequate fuel supply

Quick response to engine demand (high pressure / high capacity - peak up to 220 l / h). High sensor reliability, long service life and suitable for working in harsh environments.

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Male connection pressure probe
Technical drawing Outlet oil pressure sensor diagram for oil pump
Working pressure

0 ~ 1.0Mpa (adjustable range)


± 1,0% FS (linear, hysteresis, repeatability)

Full error band

± 2,5% of full scale (-40 ° C to + 130 ° C) - Another high precision version is available

Operating temperature

-40 ° C ~ + 135 ° C

Storage temperature

-40 ° C ~ + 150 ° C

Protection pressure


Burst pressure


Measuring fluid

diesel, petrol

Durée de vie

3 million complete cycles


13g (100 ~ 400Hz)

Electrical interface

Packard # 12065287

Protection level


Housing material

brass C3602

Pressure connection

M12 × 1.5

Supply voltage

5.0 ± 0.25VDC

Output Voltage

0.5 ~ 4.5VDC (adjustable in the range of 5V)

Supply current

10mA (maximum)

Load impedance


Output response time


Protection contre les surtensions


Reverse voltage


Protection against short circuits


EMC (1 MHz - 512 MHz)

100 V / m



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