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Intrinsically safe ATEX resistance measuring insert

Reference GXI-W2PR / GXI-APW2PR

Delivery in 3 to 5 weeks
  • Design temperature range: -200 .. + 600 ° C
  • Technological process installations in all industries
  • Installation in hazardous areas:
    Gases, vapors, mists (G): Zone 0, 1, 2
    Dust (D): Zone 20, 21, 22
    Mining: M1

Product features Intrinsically safe ATEX resistance measuring insert


  • Single and dual RTD
  • Made of mineral insulated cable (vibration resistant)
  • Standard sheath material: AISI321 (1.4541) stainless steel *
  • Spring-loaded measuring insert provides ideal contact with the outer thermowell
  • The temperature transmitter can be installed in place of the terminal block
  • Output signal: RTD or 4..20 mA (option)


The measuring inserts for resistance thermometers described here are designed to be installed in a protective assembly. Operation without thermowell is only recommended in certain applications. These measuring inserts are made from a flexible, mineral-insulated sheathed cable. The sensor is mounted in a rigid tube at the end of the measuring insert. In addition to being flexible, this model has exceptional resistance to vibrations.

The screw nut placed on the ceramic block allows a comfortable connection with the connecting cable.

This model is spring loaded to ensure that the measuring insert is firmly seated on the bottom of the thermowell, which provides:

  • fast response time,
  • length compensation (+/- 10 mm),
  • reduced vibrations inside the thermowell 

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