Increased safety ATEX winding thermocouple

Reference: GXE-TTE610R

Increased safety ATEX winding thermocouple
  • Measuring range:
    -60 .. + 180 ° C (temperature class H)
  • Temperature measurement in the coils of electric motors and generators, etc.
  • Energy industry
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Product details about "ATEX winding thermocouple with increased safety"


  • Single and dual TC design
  • Sensitive element:
    Type J (Fe-CuNi),
    Type K (NiCr-NiAl),
    N-type (NiCrSi-NiSi),
    T-type (Cu-CuNi),
    E-type (NiCr-CuNi)
  • Design of the sensitive element:
    insulated hot junction with PTFE shrink sleeve
  • Wide range of designs
  • Temperature class H (+ 180 ° C)
  • Non-standard parameters available on request:
    - non-standard size
    - cables according to customer specifications
  • Dielectric strength 2,5 kVAC / 60 sec., En
    option 3,0 .. 5,0 kVAC / 60 sec.

Temperature difference

-60 .. + 180 ° C (temperature class H)


XE-TTE610 temperature sensors are installed in the winding slots for temperature measurement and for protection against insulation damage in case of overheating. Temperature sensors should be installed in the hottest location of the winding to achieve the best efficiency results.

The XE-TTE610 sensor consists of an insulated thermocouple wire and a PTFE shrink tube.

Thermocouple type, length, accuracy, cable insulation and connection method can be individually selected for the respective application.

Autres versions

This datasheet contains only a small portion of our cable thermocouple supply program. On customer request, other versions can also be delivered.


  • Reference GXE-TTE610R
  • Name Increased safety ATEX winding thermocouple


  • Product Type 2x Thermocouple
  • Maximum operating temperature 180°C
  • Model Wired probe
  • Thermocouple type J
  • Certification ATEX EX E
  • Cable length 1000 mm
    2000 mm
    5000 mm

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