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Jacketed resistance thermometer, mini connector, intrinsically safe

Reference GXI-TRP-BTWR

  • Measuring range: -50 .. + 600 ° C
  • General design of machines and equipment
  • Temperature measurement of liquids, gases and solids
  • All branches of industry
  • Installation in hazardous areas:
    Gases, vapors, mists (G): Zone 0, 1, 2
    Dust (D): Zone 20, 21, 22
    Mining: M1 

Product features Jacketed resistance thermometer, mini connector, intrinsically safe


  • XI-TRP-BTW Series Mineral Insulated RTD Sensor with Miniature Size Plug
  • Made of sheathed cable internally insulated with magnesium oxide (MgO)
  • Small dimensions, outer diameter from Ø1,5 mm
  • Short response time for temperature change
  • The sensor is foldable
  • Housing made of acid-resistant steel AISI316 (1.4401), AISI321 (1.4541)
  • Resistant to vibrations


Possible combinations of duct diameters, multiplicity of sensor and connection lines: 

Sheath diameter Simple, for example 1xPt100 Double, for example 2xPt100
2 fils 3 fils 4 fils 2 fils 3 fils 4 fils
Ø1,5 mm
Ø2,0 mm
Ø3,0 mm


Sheathed resistance thermometers are made of metal sheathed cables whose inner wires (Cu or Ni) are insulated from each other and from the outer sheath with magnesium oxide (MgO) powder. This gives the sensor high vibration resistance, flexibility as well as temperature resistance and good electrical insulation.

These sensors are designed to directly measure the temperature in hard-to-reach places, as well as in all places where it is necessary to use flexible sensors of small diameters, high resistance to vibration and shock, and with a long time short response to temperature changes.

Due to the tight pressing of the insulating layer (MgO) and the proper structure of the inner wires and jacket, the sensors can be bent with a minimum bend radius of three times the outer diameter of the jacket.

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