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Pressure sensor for air compressor

Delivery in 3 to 5 weeks

This sensor transmits a 0,5 ... 4,5VDC signal allowing the information to be fed back to the controller when the air compressor is loaded to the specified pressure. The signal varies according to the line pressure to control the loading and unloading of the air compressor. This sensor has high reliability, long service life, and is suitable for working in various harsh environments.

Product features Pressure sensor for air compressor

Technical drawing Pressure sensor diagram for air compressor
Working pressure

0~5.0MPa (adjustable range)


± 1,0% FS (linear, hysteresis, repeatability)

Full error band

+ 2,5% FS (-20 ° C ~ + 125 ° C) - Another high precision version is available

Operating temperature

-20°C ~ +125°C

Storage temperature

-20°C - +140C

Protection pressure


Burst pressure


Measuring fluid

pressurized air

Durée de vie

5 million complete cycles


10g (50~2000Hz)

Electrical interface

Packard #12065287

Protection level


Housing material

brass C3602

Pressure connection

hose connection p6 * 1.0

Supply voltage


Output Voltage

0.5 ~ 4.5VDC (adjustable in the range of 5V)

Supply current

10mA (max)

Load impedance


Output response time


Protection contre les surtensions


Reverse voltage


Protection against short circuits


EMC (80MHz - 1000MHz)




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