2 to 3 weeks

Sensor type KTR 021A

Sensitive element type all types

Temperature difference

-50 ° C to 150 ° C

Protection class IP 67 according to EN 60529

Case diameter 6 ± 0,1mm

Case length L 20 to 350 mm

Wire / OK

M 10 x 1, M12 x 1,5, M20 x 1,5, G ½ “and others according to customer / OK according to thread

Housing material stainless steel DIN 1.4301

LUMBERG RSFM4, M12 connector

Response time τ0,5 <9 s (in running water at 0,4 ms-1)

Izolační odpor> 200 MΩ at 500 VDC, 25 ° C ± 3 ° C and humidity <80%

Average life ≈ MTTF * 1,2 x 105 h - based on a theoretical calculation

* Under the environmental and operational conditions specified in the approved test methodology.


Shock and vibration tests

category 2 according to EN 61373

Insulation test 3 kVDC for 1 minute according to EN 50155

Fire resistance

according to EN 45545

Note: The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design and technical characteristics of the products. For actual information, please always contact your dealer.


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The KTR 021A resistance temperature sensor is designed to measure the temperature of gaseous or liquid substances. In the segment of railway vehicle applications, it is used e.g. for specific temperature measurement needs on engines, both compression ignition engines and electric motors, and on gearboxes or machinery and equipment, for which operating vibrations are typical.

The temperature range is -50 ° C to 150 ° C and these limits should not be exceeded even for a short time. The sensors can be used for all control systems compatible with the types of detection elements listed in the table of technical parameters. The sensor conforms to the degree of protection IP 67 according to standard EN 60 529, as amended.

The sensors are intended to operate in a chemically non-aggressive environment.


Type tests are carried out by a notified body according to standard EN 50155, as amended, Railway applications - Electronic equipment used on rolling stock, Art. 12.2.9, 12.2.11

- Insulation test according to EN 50155, as amended

- Shock and vibration tests according to EN 61373, as amended

The product meets the parameters in accordance with EN 45545-2, as amended, Fire protection of railway vehicles - Part 2: Requirements for the fire behavior of materials and components.

- variable rod design - length L

- Class-leading precision (except for Ni 10000/5000, Ni 10000/6180, T1 = Ni 2226, NTC 20 kΩ)

- possibility of coating non-standard temperature sensors (DALLAS, TSiC, KTY, SMT, TC etc.)

- possibility of enclosing two sensors

- possibility of 3-wire or 4-wire connection

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