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Type K temperature probe

ø4,5 mm x 45 mm (45 ° elbow) x 160 mm. The measuring tip is ø1 mm x 6 or 12 mm.

Range -75 to 250 ° C

accuracy ± 0,5 ° C, 0 ° C to 100 ° C

Two tip depths available - 6 mm and 12 mm

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Hamburger Temperature Probe - The new hamburger temperature probe has been designed specifically to measure the temperature of hamburgers and measure that they are properly cooked. The advice from the FSA (Food Standards Agency) is to make sure they are well cooked throughout the process. By simply burning the outside on a hamburger of minced meat, there is a risk of ingestion of harmful bacteria.

The tip design of the hamburger probe allows insertion inside the hamburger patty to accurately measure when it is fully cooked. The 12 mm stainless steel disc guarantees the correct insertion depth (6 or 12 mm) every time! Simply insert it into the burger until the disc touches the surface of the burger to verify that it has reached the ideal temperature for proper cooking.

Two versions are available for different thicknesses of hamburger:

 - having a 6 mm insertion point

 - having a 12 mm insertion point

The stainless steel section of the probe measures 4,5 mm outside diameter x 45 (45 ° elbow) x 160 mm. The measuring tip has an outside diameter of 1 mm x 6 or 12 mm.


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