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NT539 controller

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Technical sheet NT539 TECSYSTEM | NT539 controller

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Manual NT539 TECSYSTEM | NT539 controller

Product features NT539 controller


Electronic microcontroller unit, specially designed to control transformers with more than three windings, such as those used in DC / AC conversion systems / systems; the NT539 can also be used to control the temperature of MV / LV distribution systems with three-phase transformers.

It is equipped with 9 Pt100 inputs and the following relays: 3 for the ALARM, 3 for the TRIP and 3 for the FAN cooling system.

In addition, there is another FAULT relay in common with the whole system to signal a sensor fault or any other problem inside the device.

All units can also be supplied with a special coating on electronic cards, resistant to harsh weather conditions, particularly characterized by high temperature and humidity (which are in tropical climates).

NT539 connection

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