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T412 controller

Reference AR001028

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Data sheet T412 TECSYSTEM | T412 controller

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Manual T412 TECSYSTEM | T412 controller

Product features T412 controller



Single input unit with electronic microcontroller, which can be mounted on any electric machine on which you want to monitor a single hot spot. 

Team of 3 relays: two alarm relays for different thresholds and a fault relay which is activated in the event of sensors or a device fault. 

All units can also be supplied with a special coating on electronic cards, resistant to harsh weather conditions, particularly characterized by high temperature and humidity (which are in tropical climates).

UNIVERSAL SUPPLY: with input from 24 to 240 Vac-dc.

Autres versions

T412 TcK TcK sensor input unit (code 1CN0075)

Electrical connections

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