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The NT538 ETH control unit is an innovative microcontroller electronic device for thermal control of electric motors and MV transformers and MV encapsulated resin, equipped with an integrated ETHernet port.

Equipped with all the necessary functions to monitor and control the temperature, as already the NT538 product range, is presented in this edition with a more functional version of the hardware and software.

Communication with the network is via the ModBus TCP / IP protocol, which allows you to view and program all the functions of the control unit comfortably seated at the desk!

The NT538 ETH maintains the 8 canonical Pt100 inputs (windings + environment) and 5 alarm relays, TRIP, FAN1, FAN2 and fault, in addition to new functions and renewed front display and thanks to the versatility of the new 2016 edition, other probe inputs may be available.

On request, the control unit can be UL certified for the American and Canadian market, as well as for naval applications.

All our control units can also be tropicalized, or resistant to difficult climatic situations, notably characterized by high temperatures and humidity (which are, in fact, in tropical climates).


POWER SUPPLY: from 85 to 260 Vac-c

Electrical connections

Electrical connection NT538 ETH

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