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Product details about "ETH MANAGER SOFTWARE"

The ETH Manager software, together with the devices of the Tecsystem ETH series, allows you to monitor, adjust and analyze the thermal operation of the controlled electrical machine, while sitting comfortably at your desk! It was developed to automatically recognize incoming devices by configuring the control panel.

To use it, simply connect TECSYSTEM ETH devices directly to the Ethernet port of your PC or local network and configured the network parameters, you have a practical, intuitive and complete software system that not only allows you to monitor the "plant remotely, but also to provide full programming of the device in use! With ETH Manager software, you can also independently monitor and program 1 to 4 devices simultaneously.

The use of ETH Manager is recommended for systems such as: 
• Electrical substations 
• Photovoltaic systems 
• Power stations 
• Industrial installations

For each device, you have: display of temperatures, activation of alarms, recording of events, a graphic representation (trend temperatures) and a panel for programming and controlling the regulator parameters.

Available in high and low resolution



  • Reference AR004559


  • Communication ETHERNET - TCP / IP

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