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CAN KST Temperature Converters

Reference GCAN KSTR

KST CAN converter type

Input signal Pt 1000/3850

CAN / CANopen output signal - CiA DS 301

Measuring range -50 to 250 ° C

Power supply 10 to 35 V DC (unstabilized) 14 to 24 V AC

Consumption / Maximum supply current: 500 mW, typical: 300 mW

Nominal supply voltage (Un) 24 VDC

Electronics accuracy *) ± 0,2 ° C

LEXAN gearbox material (conforms to EN 45545-2)

Stupeň krytí IP 65 according to EN 60529

Working conditions ambient temperature: -40 to 80 ° C

relative air humidity: max. 100%

atmospheric pressure: 70 to 107 kPa

Střední technický život≈ MTTF ** 1,95 x 106 hod– na základě teoretického výpočtu

*) The measurement error of the KSD 114A temperature sensor depends on the flow rate and the supply voltage (method error) and can be between -1,0 and 1,5 ° C.

**) Under the environmental and operational conditions specified in the approved test methodology


Shock and vibration tests category 1, class B according to EN 61373

Electromagnetic compatibility according to EN 50121-3-2

Insulation test 1,5 kVDC for 1 minute according to EN 50155

Fire resistance according to EN 45545 (possible according to NFPA 130)

Product features CAN KST Temperature Converters

CAN KST Temperature Converters - The CAN protocol is intended to convert the signal from Pt 1000/3850 resistor type temperature sensing elements into a CAN / CANopen digital signal - CiA DS 301. These converters can be used in any control system compatible with the CAN digital production protocol. The standard measuring ranges of the converter are -50 to 250 ° C. The operating temperature range is -40 ° C to 80 ° C. These limits should not be exceeded even for a short time.

The converters are designed to operate in a chemically non-aggressive environment.

KST CAN converter - the plastic housing is made of LEXAN material conforming to the requirements of EN 45545-2 and is identical, for example, to the connection head of KS 120 sensors. It is supplied with a wall bracket or with a clip for mounting on a DIN rail. The plastic housing meets the IP 65 protection requirements according to EN 60 529.


Type tests are carried out by a notified body according to standard EN 50155, as amended, Railway applications - Electronic equipment used on rolling stock, Art. 12.2.9, 12.2.11 - Electromagnetic compatibility according to EN 50121-3-2, as modified

- Insulation test according to EN 50155, as amended

- Shock and vibration tests according to EN 61373, as amended

The material of the plastic box and the PCB meets a set of requirements for R 24 materials according to Table 5 for the fire risk level HL1-HL2-HL3 of the standard EN 45545-2, as amended. . May be supplied with materials that meet NFPA 130 fire safety standard, as amended.

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