Glove finger - Made to measure


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Glove finger - Made to measure

Our thermometric wells can be configured according to the length and diameter of the stainless steel tube as well as the type of connection desired by the customer. Our thermowells or thermowells are components that are usually screwed or welded into a pipe.

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Product details about "Thermowell - Made to measure"

They protect the measuring part of the sensors against the influence of the measured liquid. Thermowells allow the replacement of temperature sensors while technological equipment is in operation.

All of our thermowell types are made of high quality DIN 1.4301 stainless steel. They are supplied as standard with G1 / 2 "thread, but it is also possible to deliver them with G 3/8", M 20 x 1,5, M 27 x 2 or other threads if required.

Thermowell designed for temperature sensors for a temperature range of -100 ° C to 450 ° C.

In addition to the standard lengths listed, thermowells can also be manufactured in non-standard lengths.

The temperature sensors are locked in the thermowell with an M4 x 10 screw.

The thermowells are manufactured for the nominal pressure PN 63.


Thermowell diameter (mm) /
Thermowell length (mm)

up to 60 > 60 to 100 > 100 to 160 > 160 to 220 > 220 to 400
∅6 and ∅ 8 Zones Zones Zones Zones Zones
∅ 10 and ∅ 12 Zones Zones Zones Zones Zones

Types TG 8 and JS 130 Type JPTS 41 Types JTP 11 and JTP 16
Glove must photo 3 Glove must photo 1 Glove must photo 2
Thermowell diagram Diagram of thermowell 3 Diagram of thermowell 2

Temperature difference -100 to 450 ° C
Thermowell material
DIN 1.4301 stainless steel
Inside diameter of the thermowell
5,9 to 9,0 mm
Outside diameter of the thermowell
8 to 12 mm
Standard length L2
40 to 400 mm
Standard thread
G 1/2 "; M 20 x 1.5; M 27 x 2; G 3/8"


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