MoistureAlert Hygrometer

  • Ideal for monitoring humidity in buildings
  • Displays max / min humidity or max / min temperature
  • Preset audio alarm

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The Moisture Alert thermo-hygrometer incorporates a personalized LCD screen that indicates either humidity (20 to 95% RH) or temperature (0 to 49,9 ° C). The MoistureAlert Hygrometer Thermometer is ideal for monitoring humidity in buildings and homes or anywhere where humidity, humidity or humidity is an issue.


The humidity alert incorporates a preset max / min audible alarm for humidity and temperature. The alert will sound automatically if the humidity exceeds 70% RH or drops below 25% RH. Alternatively, if the temperature rises above 40 ° C or falls below 1 ° C, the alert will sound.

The unit is housed in an ABS enclosure measuring 20 x 65 x 97mm, the enclosure incorporates a useful foldable bracket and a keyhole slot for hanging on the wall.

range - temperature: 0 to 49,9 ° C
range - humidity: 20 to 95% RH
resolution - temperature: 0,1°C
resolution - humidity: 0,1% RH
precision - temperature: ± 1 ° C
precision - humidity: ± 5% RH
battery: 1,5 volts AAA
battery life: 5000 hours
type of sensor: temperature: thermistor - humidity: capacity
display: Custom LCD
Housing: ABS plastic
Guarantee: one year
measuring scale: Celsius / Fahrenheit &% rh
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