Remote reading thermometers for diesel engines

In production :  6 to 8 weeks


crimped ring case

Measuring system

Filled with nitrogen


Class 1

Nominal sizes

80, 100 mm


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Diesel engine remote readout thermometers are the ideal solution for measuring the temperature of fluids and gases on large diesel engines, for example. for marine propulsion or in the area of ​​diesel electricity production. Depending on the display range, they are useful for measuring exhaust gases, cooling water, lubricating oil and charge air temperatures. They have a long lifespan and require no external power.


The dial thermometers type 311, 321 and 331 are capillary line thermometers comprising a crimped annular housing, a capillary line and a dip tube. The housings, capillary lines as well as the dip tubes and fittings are made of stainless steel. All devices comply with EN 13190 and meet Class 1 requirements.

The devices are available in nominal sizes 80 and 100 mm. The crimped case is permanently sealed (IP65) and is supplied as standard filled with silicone oil to protect against vibration.

The display of the device can be supplied with a wall mount, a front / rear mounting flange or a clamping mount so that it can be mounted in an easy to read position. The capillary line is routed to the actual measurement point and connects the measurement system and the display unit. The capillary line of these versions is fitted as standard with a stainless steel spiral protection against mechanical damage.

Typical display ranges are 0 to 100 ° C, 0 to 120 ° C, 0 to 160 ° C, 0 to 200 ° C and 50 to 650 ° C. Dial thermometers remote from the engine diesel are fitted with ordinary dip tubes and adjustable compression fittings with male thread G1 / 2 or G3 / 4. The diameter of the dip tube is 12 mm as standard (13 mm optional without supplement). The dip tube in sheathed sensor design is optimized for difficult use. If desired, we can also supply protective tubes made of matching solid material for thermometers.

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