Waterproof protective pouch

37,06 €
1 to 3 weeks

Waterproof thermometer pocket to protect your thermometer

suitable for a range of ETI thermometers and instruments

protects from moisture and humidity

thermoplastic polyurethane material

The bag contains no instruments

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Waterproof thermometer pouch or case -

These fully waterproof protective pouches are made of flexible PVC which can be used to protect a variety of instruments in humid or humid environments. Each pocket measures 125 x 230 mm.

The 830-410 is supplied with a single integrated wire, a plug and a thermocouple (T / C) plug. The 830-411 with a single integrated wire, plug and thermistor plug and the 830-442 with two integrated wires, plug and thermocouple (T / C) plugs.

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