CTN-sensitive element for control, measurement at room temperature

1 to 3 weeks

Sensitive element pfor control, measurement at ambient temperature and used as compensation.

Guaranteed stability and reliability, model available assembled, plate insulated by epoxy resin 


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For control, measurement at room temperature and used as compensation.
Monitoring and control of temperature in gaseous and aquatic environments.
Assembled in thermal probes.
Automotive (Air conditioning, temperature management devices, heated seats, engine oil temperature control devices, etc.).
Fire detection system.
Chemical industry.


Guaranteed stability and reliability. 
Model available assembled.
Epoxy resin insulated wafer
There are different types of resins for mechanical and electrical protection

Resistant value
2.2Ohms to 47kOhms,

Resistance tolerance
 ± 5%, ± 10%, ± 20%

Beta value (25/85)
from 2668K to 4535K

Operating temperature range
-40 ° C to 125 ° C

DC (Constant Dissipation)
from 5mW / ° C to 12mW / ° C at room temperature from 25 ° C 

Type of drivers
Teflon insulated nickel plated copper or silicone


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