Color-coded type T needle probes - 90 mm x 3,3 mm

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T-type thermocouple needle probes conform to CAP-C HACCP standard with color-coded handles that help reduce the risk of bacterial cross-contamination between different food groups. Made of food grade 316 stainless steel using Thermasprint technology for ultra fast response. Select for use in spot checks of food and liquids: meat, chicken, fish, ready meals, drinks.


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Choose from:

• CAP-G - Needle probe with green handle for salad and washed fruit

• CAP-B - Needle probe with blue handle for raw fish

• CAP-R - Needle probe with red handle for raw meat

• CAP-W - Needle probe with white handle for bakery and dairy products

• CAP-Y - Needle probe with yellow handle for cooked meat

• CAP-BR - Needle probe with brown handle for vegetables


All the probes are

• Precision "T" type thermocouple: ½ class I (± 0,25 ° C ± 0,15%)

• Measuring range: -100 to 280 ° C

• Rod length - 90 mm

• Rod diameter - 3,3 mm

• Cable length - 1 meter straight cable

• Plug type - 2 molded pins


These probes can also be purchased as a kit of 6 (one of each)

Need: a digital thermocouple thermometer.

• From the CA2005 catering range, we recommend the TME CA2005 Chefs high-precision digital thermometer

• For monitoring the temperature of next-generation bar codes, we recommend the ThermoBarScan TME MM7000-2D thermometer

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