Bayonet probe, 8mm, -50 to 400 ° C

Bayonet probe, 8mm, -50 to 400 ° C

In production :  3 to 5 weeks
These resistance sensors are mainly designed for measuring the temperature of solid substances, but can also be used for measuring the temperature of liquids or gaseous substances. To mount the sensor on the measuring point, use a bayonet nut screwed onto a spring. The combination of a bayonet nut, a spring and the corresponding bayonet connector can provide higher contact pressure from the sensor to the measuring point or correct any change in the distance between the nut and the measuring point during measured.

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The maximum temperature range of the sensors is between - 50 and 350 ° C (400 ° C in the short term). The range of individual design variations is narrowed down to the type of temperature sensing element and power cable. The sensors meet the protection level from IP 50 to IP 67 according to EN 60529, depending on the type of input cable. The sensors are designed to operate in a non-aggressive environment. The method of use should be chosen based on the temperature and chemical resistance of the housing and input cable.

8mm bayonet probe -50 to 400 ° C

Sensor type TG 80 TG 81 TG 82
End of the case straight ahead half sphere R8 summit 120 °
Sensitive element all types 
(Pt 100, Pt 1000, Ni 1000, Ni 10000, Ni 2226 = T1, NTC, PTC, KTY, 
TSiC, DALLAS, thermocouple K, thermocouple J, thermocouple T and so on)
Housing DIN 1.4301 stainless steel
Case diameter 8 mm
Case length 10 to 85 mm (with addition of 15 mm for fixing the cable)
Input cable variations / 
temperature range 
(may be limited by the type of sensitive element 
- to be determined in the documentation)
Shielded PVC -30 to 80 ° C 
Unshielded PVC -40 to 105 ° C 
silicone -50 to 200 ° C 
armored teflon -50 to 250 ° C 
with fiberglass 0 to 400 ° C 
(with metallic braid)
Ingress protection PVC and silicone cables IP 67 cables in 
IP 64 teflon conforming to standard EN 60529 
Fiberglass cables IP 50
Material / Size of bayonet nut nickel-plated brass / L = 18 mm, internal diameter 15 mm
Spring material / dimension DIN 1.4301 stainless steel 
/ L = 200 mm, outside Ø 8 mm, wire Ø 0,9 mm
Isolation resistance 200 MΩ at 500 V DC
Maximum permissible static traction on the input cable 1 kg


Maximum operating temperature
8 mm
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