Probe with fast response time display

Probe with fast response time display *Step required

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Description and application

All of this fast reaction resistance temperature sensors with display are designed to measure the contact temperature of liquid or gaseous substances. The structure of the sensor rod allows the sensor to be used for direct measurement of temperature in conduits and also guarantees a quick response of the sensor to temperature changes. The temperature sensing element is located in a metal rod with a length of 50 to 220 mm. The plastic head of the temperature sensor with display is equipped with a grommet or connector; the measured temperature is indicated on the 4 digit display located under the transparent cap of the head. The temperature sensors with display can be used for all control systems compatible with the output signals listed in the technical parameters table.

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Probe with fast response time displayThe maximum temperature range for setting the current loop of the temperature sensors with display is -50 to 150 ° C. Within this range, the required operating temperature ranges can be programmed, while the minimum difference between the lower and upper limits of the temperature range is 10 ° C. The measurement temperature range with the temperature sensor with display is between -50 and 110 ° C and, simultaneously, the maximum temperature around the head is between -30 and 70 ° C and must not be exceeded, even for a short time. The temperature sensors with display comply with the 65 IP penetration protection according to EN 60529. The temperature sensors with display are easy to install thanks to the unique design of the head S ".

The sensors are designed to operate in a chemically non-aggressive environment, the use must be chosen according to the temperature resistance of the head and the metal housings.


  • for the version with connector: connector with LED CONEC 43-00092
  • Connection cable with connector RKT from straight type or with connector RKWT of type rectangular


  • The manufacturer provides an EU declaration of conformity.
  • Calibration - The final metrological control - comparison with standards or working instruments - is carried out for all products. The continuity of working standards and measuring instruments is ensured within the meaning of Article 5 of Law No. 505/1990 on metrology. We offer the possibility to supply the calibrated sensors (according to the requirements of EN ISO / IEC 17025) or in an accredited laboratory.

Sensor type 
(K - with a connector)
NSD 560 
NSD 560K
NSD 760 
NSD 760K
Output signal
4 to 20 mA 0 to 10 V
Sensitive element type Pt 1000 / 3850, accuracy class B (± 0,3 + 0,005 x | t |) in ° C
Measuring range
Maximum temperature range - 50 to 150 ° C
Rental error
0,8% of the range, at least 0,5 ° C
Display screen 4 digits, LED, character size 7,62 × 4,22 mm
U supply voltage 15 to 30 V DC
Nominal voltage Un 24 v
Resistance to load Rz
Rz max 250 Ω Rz min 10 kΩ
Current / voltage when the sensor is interrupted > 24 mA > 12 V
Current / voltage when the sensor is 
<3 mA ~ 0 V
Material of the head
Size of the head 70 x 63 x 34 mm
Wire section 0,35 to 1,5 mm 2
Protection sign 
IP 65 according to EN 60529
Connection cable through the M 16 × 1,5 cable gland / through the LUMBERG M12 connector
Ambient temperature around the head -30 to 70 ° C
Electric force 500 V / 50 Hz according to EN 60730-1

Other parameters
Length of the stem 
50, 100, 160 and 220 mm
Diameter of the stem
+0,1 mm
Material of the stem
DIN 1.4301 stainless steel
Isolation resistance > 200 MOhm at 500 V DC, 25 ° C ± 3 ° C, relative humidity <85%
Maximum measuring range -50 to 110 ° C


Product Type
Head / terminal probes
0 ... 10V
4 ... 20mA
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