Probe with fitting, 6 tube to 10mm, -50 to 200 ° C

Probe with fitting, 6 tube to 10mm, -50 to 200 ° C *Step required

In production :  3 to 5 weeks
  • Resistance sensors.
  • Measures the temperature of gases, liquids or solids.
  • Input cable with insulation and with or without shielding.
  • Measures temperature in pipelines.
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Their structure allows a faster response to temperature changes and can be used as on pressure vessels.

The sensors are designed for universal use.

The method of use should be selected based on the temperature and chemical resistance of the enclosure and the input cable.

Sensor type TR 011
Measuring range
-50 to 200 ° C (may be limited by the sensitive element, determine in the documentation)
Sensitive element type all types 
(Pt 100, Pt 1000, Ni 1000, Ni 10000, Ni 2226 = T1, NTC, PTC, KTY, 
TSiC, DALLAS, thermocouple K, thermocouple J, thermocouple T and so on)
Protection sign IP 67 according to EN 60529
Connection Standard M10x1.5mm - Other on customer request
Housing DIN 1.4301 stainless steel
Tube diameter Standard 6mm - Aother on request customer (7, 8, 9 and 10mm)
Case length L 40 to 500 mm
Input cable according to the client
Response time
τ 0,5 <9 s (in white water 0,4 ms -1 )


Custom projects
Protection sign
Maximum operating temperature
6 mm
Connection type
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