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Outdoor plastic housing probe - Digital DS18B20

Reference GSD 115AR

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This temperature sensor with digital output 1-Wire / DS18B20 - SD 115 for outdoor environment is designed for the measurement of the contact temperature of gaseous substances outside or in industrial area, on the walls of buildings, but also in premises, offices or production halls. The temperature sensors are easy to install thanks to the unique “S-shaped” design.

The temperature sensor with a digital output 1-Wire / DS18B20-SD 115 for outdoor environment consists of a plastic head and a metal tube, where the detection element for temperature measurement (sensor) is square. In the head, there is a terminal block with a converter. The sensor is connected via a cable gland or connector.

SD 115A - DS18B20 digital temperature sensor, communication via 1-Wire bus

The operating temperature range of the sensors is defined in the table of technical parameters of the different sensor versions. The sensors respond to IP 65 input protection according to EN 60529, as modified. Recommended installation of the sensor:

For outdoor air temperature measurement - installation is recommended on the cooler side of the building (north or north-west) so that the sensor is not exposed to direct light from the Sun. Installation is recommended at 2/3 the height of the building wall.

For indoor air temperature measurement in rooms, offices or production halls - installation is recommended on an interior wall at a height of 1,5 m, in areas of movement of people, in places not exposed to the sun and not influenced by the heat of the heating radiators or lighting
The sensor is designed to operate in a chemically non-aggressive environment, the use must be chosen according to the temperature and the chemical resistance of the sensor head
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GSD112R Datasheet | Plastic casing outdoor sensor - Digital DS18B20

Product features Outdoor plastic housing probe - Digital DS18B20

Outdoor sensor - RS485 - Plastic case


  • The manufacturer provides an EU declaration of conformity.
  • Calibration - The final metrological control - comparison with standards or working instruments - is carried out for all products. The continuity of standards and work measurement instruments is ensured within the meaning of article 5 of Law No. 505/1990 on metrology. The manufacturer offers the possibility of supplying the calibrated sensors in the laboratoryλ (according to the requirements of standard EN ISO / IEC 17025) or in an accredited laboratory.  
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Sensor type GSD 115AR
Output signal 1 wire / DS18B20
Measuring range -30 to 100 ° C
Electronics accuracy *) ± 0,2 ° C
Type / accuracy of the sensitive element *) ± 0,5 ° C in the range of -10 to 80 ° C
  ± 2 ° C in the range of -30 to 100 ° C
Supply voltage (U) 3 to 5,5 V DC
Nominal supply voltage (Un) 5 V DC
Power consumption / current 1 mA
Working conditions ambient temperature: -30 to 100 ° C
  relative air humidity: max. 100%
  atmospheric pressure: 70 to 107 kPa
Protection against ingress IP 65 according to EN 60529, as modified
Length of the stem 50 mm
Standard rod diameter 6 ± 0,2 mm
Material of the stem DIN 1.4301 stainless steel
Isolation resistance > 200 MΩ at 500 V / DC, 25 ° C ± 3 ° C; humidity <85%
Head dimensions 70x63x34mm
Head material POLYAMIDE
Connector type in the head RSFM4 - M12 - Lumberg
(for sensors with a connector)  
Recommended cable section 0,35 to 1,5 mm 2
(for sensors with grommet)  
Weight min. 100g

Please note:
le manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design and technical characteristics of the products.


Before connecting the power cable, lift the cover of the plastic connection head using a flat screwdriver. The input cable is connected to the terminals according to the wiring diagram through the loose eyelet. The recommended wire section is 0,35 to 1,5 mm2, the diameter of the circular section cable can range from 4 to 8 mm. To ensure the protection value IP 65, the grommet must be
tight and the cover must be put on after connecting the input cable. If the input cable is laid near high-voltage conductors or those supplying equipment which creates a disturbing electromagnetic field (for example, equipment with inductive load), a screened cable must be used. After installation and connection of the sensor to the sequential electrical evaluation system equipment that the sensor is ready to use. The sensor does not require any particular maintenance. The device can be used in any working environment position, but the eyelet must not be directed upwards.

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