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Outdoor plastic housing probe - CAN protocol

Reference GSD 114R

Delivery in 3 to 5 weeks
All of this outdoor temperature sensors with plastic head and CAN digital output (CANopen) - SD 114  are designed to measure the temperature of gaseous substances outdoors or in industrial premises, on the walls of buildings, offices or production workshops. The easy installation of these temperature sensors is ensured by the unique "S head" design.

Product features Outdoor plastic housing probe - CAN protocol

Outdoor sensor - RS485 - Plastic case

These outdoor temperature sensors with plastic head and digital CAN output (CANopen) - The SD 114 consists of a plastic head and a metal protection tube, in which is placed a sensor for temperature measurement. In the head there is a terminal block or a converter, to which the cable intended to supply the sensor and the digital output signal are connected via a cable gland and a connector. 

SD 114A, SD 114AK    --- CANopen / CiA DS 301 communication protocol, CAN bus communication

The temperature range of the sensors is defined in the table of technical parameters for each variant of sensor. The sensors comply with the protection class IP 65 in accordance with the modified standard EN 60529. The recommended location for the sensor is:

  • measurement of the outside temperature located on the coldest side of the building (north or northwest) to avoid direct exposure to the sun, at 2/3 of the height of the building wall
  • indoor temperature measurement in premises, offices and possibly production workshops - the recommended location is 1,5 m high on interior walls, in the area of ​​movement of people, outside sunny places and places subject to the temperature of radiators or lighting


  • CONEC 43-00092 connector
  • connection cables with connector  RKT  or. rectangular  RKWT
Sensor type  
(K - with connector)
SD 114A 
Output signal CAN - CANopen - CIA DS 301
Measuring range - 30 to 70 ° C
Electronic precision *) ± 0,2%
Sensor type / accuracy  Pt 100 / ± (0,3 ° C + 0,0005 | t |) 
Supply voltage 15 to 30 V DC
Nominal supply voltage Un 24 V DC
Consumption / supply current max: 500mW 
Standard: 300 mW
Working conditions ambient temperature: -30 to 70 ° C 
relative humidity: 
atmospheric pressure maximum of 100% : 70 to 107 kPa
Degree of protection IP 65 according to EN 60529, as modified
Length of the stem  50 mm
Standard rod diameter 6 ± 0,2 mm 
Material of the stem DIN 1.4301 stainless steel
Insulation resistance > 200 MΩ at 500 V DC, 25 ° ± 3 ° C; humidity <85%
Head dimensions 70 63 x x 34mm
Head material POLYAMIDE
Head connector type (for sensors with connector) RSFM4-M12-Lumberg
Recommended conductor cross-section 0,14 to 1 mm 2
Weight  min 150g


Before connecting the power cable, lift the cover of the plastic connection head using a flat screwdriver. The input cable is connected to the terminals according to the wiring diagram through the loose eyelet. The recommended wire section is 0,35 to 1,5 mm2, the diameter of the circular section cable can range from 4 to 8 mm. To ensure the IP 65 protection value, the grommet must be tight and the cover must be put on after connecting the input cable. If the input cable is laid near high-voltage conductors or those supplying equipment which creates a disturbing electromagnetic field (for example, equipment with inductive load), a screened cable must be used. After installation and connection of the sensor to the sequential electrical evaluation system equipment that the sensor is ready to use. The sensor does not require any particular maintenance. The device can be used in any working environment position, but the eyelet must not be directed upwards.

SD 114 probe diagram

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