Web sensor - Hygrometer - Thermometer with Ethernet interface *Step required

In production :  1 to 2 weeks
  • Temperature, relative humidity.
  • Capacitive polymer sensor.
  • Power over Ethernet.
  • Long-term calibration stability.
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T-line room temperature and relative humidity web sensor with Power over Ethernet functionality.

Remote alarm.

PoE Web Sensor with relative humidity and temperature probe on the cable.

The high precision capacitive polymer sensor provides excellent long term calibration stability and ultimate precision.

The dual liquid crystal display is an advantage.

IEEE 802.3af compliant power over Ethernet functionality is supported.

The measured values ​​are also converted into another interpretation of humidity: dew point temperature, absolute humidity, specific humidity, mixing rate and specific enthalpy.

The device is supplied with a T + RH probe with a 1 meter cable. 


  • T3611
  • Manual
  • Traceable calibration certificate
  • Free Tsensor configuration software
  • Cloud for 3 months 


- Temperature
- Relative humidity
- Calculated values ​​(dew point, etc.)

Relative humidity range: 0 to 100%

Accuracy of the relative humidity measurement: ± 2,5% relative humidity from 5 to 95% at 23 ° C

Accuracy of temperature output: ± 0.4 ° C

Resolution: 0.1 ° C, 0.1% RH

Measuring interval: 2s

Available temperature units: degrees Celsius, degrees Fahrenheit

Calculated values: dew point, absolute humidity, specific humidity, mixing ratio, specific enthalpy

Dew point output accuracy and range - for details see graphics in manual: ± 1,5 ° C at ambient temperature below 25 ° C and relative humidity> 30%
range -60 to + 80 ° C

Temperature compensation of humidity sensor: the entire temperature range

Temperature operating range: -20 to + 60 ° C

IP protection: Electronics IP30, sensors IP40

LAN connection: RJ-45, 10Base-T or 100Base-TX connector

Communication protocols: WWW, Modbus TCP, SNMPv1, SOAP, XML

Alarm protocols: E-mail, SNMP Trap, Syslog

Configuration: T-Sensor, WWW configuration

Filtering capacity of the sensor cover: 0.025mm - filter with stainless steel mesh

Supply : Power over Ethernet according to IEEE 802.3af or 5Vdc

Power cable : coaxial, diameter 5,5 x 2,1 mm

Probe cable length: 1m, 2m or 4m optional

dimensions: 136 x 159 x 45mm (W x H x D), probe length 88mm, probe diameter 18mm

Weight: About 380g

Warranty: 3 years 


Product Type
Head / terminal probes
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