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Automotive differential pressure sensor

Delivery in 3 to 5 weeks
  • Range from -40 to +140°C.
  • Output response time of 10 milliseconds.
  • Protection level IP69K.
  • Long lifespan of more than one million cycles.
  • Suitable for automobile exhaust systems.

Product features Automotive differential pressure sensor

Product presentation

The differential pressure sensor, used in automobile engines, Real-time monitors the pressure difference between the front and rear exhaust particle channels. Integrated with the electronic control unit (ECU), it optimizes control strategies to reduce harmful emissions and comply with emission standards. This product uses the advanced MEMS technology, based on a MEMS pressure sensor chip with piezoresistive effect and a ASIC chip high performance signal conditioning. It offers high precision, fast response, increased reliability and remarkable stability, while being economical.


Operating pressure 0~50kPaG (range can be adjusted)


Total error band: ±1,0%FS (-20℃~+85℃)

±1,5% FS (-40℃~+140℃)

Operating temperature -40℃~+140℃
Storage temperature  -40℃~+140℃
Protection pressure 100 kPaG
Burst pressure 150 kPaG
Workplace automobile exhaust
Durée de vie over a million times
Vibrations  10g (50Hz-2Hz)
Protection level IP69K
Housing material PBT+30%GF
Supply voltage 5,0 ± 0,25 V DC
Output Voltage 0,5 ~ 4,5 V DC (adjustable over 5 V range)
Supply current <10 mA
Output response time <10 ms
Protection contre les surtensions 16 V DC
Reverse voltage -14 VDC
Protection against short circuits Yes
EMC (150kHz ~ 2,5GHz) 50 V / m
EMC (80 MHz ~ 3 GHz) 100 V / m
ESD  15 KV

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