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Vacuum pressure sensor

Delivery in 3 to 5 weeks
  • Range from -20 to +65°C.
  • Pressure range of +/-60 KPa.
  • Accuracy of ± 1 KPa.
  • Suitable for vacuum cleaner systems.

Product features Vacuum pressure sensor

Product presentation

This small pressure sensor uses silicon-based piezoresistive technology and outputs an analog output via packaged I2C. Within its operating temperature range, it simultaneously collects pressure and temperature values.

Using temperature and pressure correction data stored in the chip, it corrects temperature variations to ensure accurate pressure measurement. This correction applies over the entire temperature range, which allows not only the sensitivity to be corrected but also the linear zero.

Powered by a voltage of 3,3 V, this sensor offers compact and efficient solution for precise pressure measurement, even under varying temperature conditions.


Operating pressure +/-60 KPa
Type of pressure Relative pressure (based on atmospheric pressure)


Operating current 900 μA
Operating temperature -20 to 65℃ (without ice)
Workplace air (non-condensing)
Pressure output range 1677722 (-60kPa) -15099494 (60kPa)
Supply voltage 3,3V DC (min1,8; Max3,6)
Response time 3,91/7,81/15,625/250ms
Standby power consumption 0,1 μA