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Commercial air conditioning pressure sensor

Delivery in 3 to 5 weeks
  • Pipe connection φ6*1,0.
  • Output response time of 3 milliseconds.
  • Protection level IP69K.
  • Long life of 5 million complete cycles.
  • Suitable for commercial air conditioning systems.

Product features Commercial air conditioning pressure sensor

Product presentation

This measuring device accurately monitors the refrigerant pressure in the air conditioning system. It plays a crucial role in improving the overall performance of the system. Its proven reliability and increased durability make it a Essential element to ensure the long-term operation of the air conditioning.


Operating pressure 0 ~ 2,0 MPa (range can be adjusted)

±1,5%FS (linearity, hysteresis, repeatability)

Total error band: ±3,0%FS (-30℃~+100℃)

A high precision version is also available

Operating temperature  -30℃~+100℃
Storage temperature  -40℃~+120℃
Protection pressure 4,0 Mpa
Burst pressure 6,0 Mpa
Workplace R22, R407C, R134A and other refrigerants
Durée de vie 5 million complete cycles
Vibrations  11g (20 ~ 2000Hz)
Electrical interface YAZAKI RK03FB
Protection level IP69K
Housing material 304 stainless steel
Pressure connection pipe connection φ6*1,0
Supply voltage 5,0 ± 0,25 V DC
Output Voltage 0,5 ~ 4,5 V DC (adjustable over 5 V range)
Supply current 10mA (maximum)
Load impedance 10 KΩ (typical)
Output response time 3mS
Protection contre les surtensions 16 V DC
Reverse voltage -14 VDC
Protection against short circuits Yes
ESD  15KV overhead contact, 8KV 2KV terminal
EMC (80MHz to 1000MHz) 3V/m

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