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Crankcase ventilation pressure sensor

Delivery in 3 to 5 weeks
  • Range from -40 to +125°C.
  • Output response time of 1,5 milliseconds.
  • Protection level IP65.
  • Suitable for crankcase ventilation systems.

Product features Crankcase ventilation pressure sensor

Product presentation

The sensor measures the pressure difference between that in the crankcase and atmospheric pressure, then transmits this signal to the engine control device. The latter uses this information to detect any possible leak from the crankcase ventilation device.

The sensor has integrated temperature and pressure characteristics, as well as high precision, high sensitivity, reliable stability, low power consumption, and ensures security and reliability. These attributes enable accurate detection of crankcase ventilation system leaks, helping to maintain engine performance and efficiency while ensuring safe and reliable vehicle operation.


Operating pressure -5~5 kPaG (range can be customized)

±1% VDC (0~70℃)

Total error band: ±1,5% VCC (-40 ~ 0℃)

±1,5% VDC (70 ~ 125℃)

Operating temperature -40℃~+125℃
Storage temperature  -40℃~+125℃
Protection pressure 10 kPaG
Burst pressure 15 kPaG
Workplace Crankcase ventilation
Electrical interface DELPHI 12162833 (customizable)
Protection level IP65 according to GB4208-2008
Housing material PBT+30%GF
Supply voltage 5 ± 0,05 V DC
Output Voltage 0,5~4,5V DC (adjustable within 5V)
Supply current 12mA (maximum)
Output response time <1,5 ms
Protection contre les surtensions 16 V DC, 5 min
Low output tightening level 6,6% VCC (customizable)
High output tightening level 92% VCC (customizable)
Protection against short circuits Yes
EMC (150kHz ~ 2,5GHz) 50 V / m
EMC (80 MHz ~ 3 GHz) 100 V / m
ESD  15 KV

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