Radiation / black ball temperature probe *Step required

In production :  1 to 3 weeks

Temperature probe for hot cabinet or oven.

measures the temperature of the radiation.

ideal for use in ovens and ovens

maximum probe temperature 200 ° C

accuracy (type K) ± 0,5 ° C, 0 ° C to 100 ° C

accuracy (type T) according to BS EN 60584-1: 2013

Ø50 mm

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This black ball thermocouple temperature probe is designed to measure radiant temperatures in hot cabinets and ovens.

Supplied with a robust and reinforced stainless steel braided cable of two meters. Response time less than six seconds. Probe temperature range 0 to 200 ° C. Fits a wide range of thermometers having a thermocouple connector socket. The diameter of the probe is 50 mm.

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