Thermocouple temperature probe for meat thermometer

Thermocouple temperature probe for meat thermometer
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  • Accurate for high temperatures.
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Product details about "Thermocouple temperature probe for meat thermometer"

The thermocouple is a simple, robust and economical temperature sensor used in a wide range of temperature measurement processes.

The "if consists of two types of metals different, joined at one end.

When the junction of the two metals is heated or cooled, a voltage is created which can be correlated to temperature.

Thermocouples are commonly used in a wide range of applications.

Due to their wide range of models and technical specifications, it is extremely important to understand its basic structure, functionality, its scales to better determine the right type of thermocouple and the right thermocouple material for an application.

Object Specification More options
Sensor Type K J-Type, T-Type, N-Type, etc.
Cable 24AWG PTFE Cable FEP cable, PFA cable, TPE cable, silicone cable, fiberglass cable, etc.
Connector 3,5mm jack XH, PH, SM, 5557, miniature thermocouple socket, Faston terminal, M8, M12, etc.
Precision Class I ± 1,5°C (-40 to +375°C) Class II ± 2,5°C (-40 to +333°C)
Type of junction Not grounded Grounded, Exposed


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