Notch probe for motors and transformers *Step required

In production :  1 to 3 weeks

Measuring element wound over the entire length of the probe or fixed measuring point for mounting in the slots of electric motors and transformers.

UL, ATEX type certificate etc ... on request.

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27,67 €
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276,70 €
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Principle of construction / operation

In these groove resistance thermometers, instead of a two-wire wound platinum wire, a platinum thin film measuring resistor is used. The temperature-sensitive length is shortened to the active measuring length of the thin-film sensor (point measurement). This is quite sufficient for the many measuring purposes, as the requirements mainly relate to the design (groove) and not the active measuring length.

Certificate for ATEX probe on request
Pt resistance probe execution:

   1xPt100 class A or B according to EN 6075
   2xPt100 class A or B according to EN 6075
   In 2, 3 or 4 conductors

Thermocouple design (with 1 or 2 measuring points):

   L (Fe-CuNi) DIN 43710
   J (Fe-CuNi) EN 60584
   K (NiCr-Ni) EN 60584
   or on request

Execution with measuring element on request:

   CTP, CTN, KTY84 / 130, KTY83 / 110 etc…

Temperature range: on request
Material of the notch probe:

   other on request

Dimensions of the notch probe:

   Length L1: on request
   Width L3: on request
   Thickness Thick: 1 - 2 - 2,5 or on request

Type of driver:

   on demand

Length of conductor L2:

   on demand

Other specifications on request


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