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5 x 20mm standard overmolded waterproof probe

Reference G00.03

Delivery in 3 to 5 weeks
  • IP68 waterproof probe.
  • standard molded.
  • Measures humidity.
  • Excellent insulation, wide dimensions and tolerances.

The minimum quantity to be able to order this product is 50.

Product features 5 x 20mm standard overmolded waterproof probe

IP68 waterproof temperature probes encapsulated in elastomeric materials via an overmolding process. Excellent performance in extreme freeze-thaw conditions, resulting from a wide choice of insulation materials. Overmolded probes are a perfect solution for applications where high humidity protection is required. The probe is available in a wide range of sizes and standardized tolerances with simple reinforced insulation.


The Type G00.03 overmoulded probe is waterproof and encapsulated with a thermoplastic elastomer material. It has excellent performance in extreme refrigeration conditions thanks to a wide range of very resistant insulators. The probe is the ideal solution for applications that require the highest degree of sealing as well as moisture protection. The probe is available in a wide range of standardized dimensions and tolerances as well as reinforced single, double or triple insulations.


Excellent insulation, extended dimensions and tolerances. Excellent protection against water and molds Degree of protection IP68 Wide range available for temperatures up to 105 ° C. Possibility of marking on request.

  • Resistance tolerance: ± 1% to ± 10%
  • Operating temperature range: -50 ° C to 105 ° C.
  • Conductor nature: 0,3mm² copper, VDE approved
  • Cable length L: On request

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