2-wire waterproof RTD temperature sensor
  • Diameter 4 mm.
  • Range from -100 to +200°C.
  • High precision and waterproof.
  • Industrial equipment.
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Product details about "2-Wire Waterproof RTD Temperature Sensor"

The 2-wire RTD temperature sensor is designed for various applications requiring a high precision and waterproof performance.

Made from a High quality platinum resistance temperature detector connected to a flexible, wide temperature range silicone cable and encapsulated in a stainless steel tube.

It has a double roll crimp for better encapsulation.

The wide temperature range of -60 to +200 ° C, what makes it perfect for low temperature and high temperature environments.

The specifications of the sensor and the length of the cable can be customized according to requirements.

Object Specification More options
Tube SUS304 OD4*50mm OD4.2*50mm, OD4.5*50mm, OD4*80mm, OD4*100mm, etc.
Cable 26AWG*3C teflon cable FEP cable, PFA cable, PTFE cable, TPE cable, silicone cable, etc.
Connector Nothing XH, PH, SM, 5557, Microfit3.0, RJ11, RJ12, RJ45, RJ50, M8, M12, Audio jack
Precision F0.15(A) F0.3(B), F0.1(1/3B)
Temperature coefficient 3850ppm/K
Temperature difference -100 ° C to + 200 ° C


  • Reference
  • Name 2-wire waterproof RTD temperature sensor

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