Holder for AiroSensor with contact function

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In production :  2 to 3 weeks

Replacing the standard bracket with this switch bracket allows you to turn alarms on or off by simply moving the data logger back and forth inside the bracket. If you do not wish to receive alarms at certain times, you can easily deactivate them on site.


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The SwitchHolder SenseAnywhere is an accessory that allows you to deactivate the programmed alarm function of your AiroSensor with a single sliding motion. Simply insert your AiroSensor and slide it to one side to turn alarm notifications on or off for that specific device. This accessory is ideal for environments with cooling systems that are not operational at specific times, i.e. at night or on weekends. The SwitchHolder is compatible with AiroSensor and AiroSensor T.

Technical sheet:

Compatibility:  AiroSensor 20-20-2x models, AiroSensor 20-20-3 models
Assembly: The backing is pre-fitted with a very high adhesion double-sided adhesive tape and two
stainless steel screws are provided for mounting in
environments or rough surfaces. Try to avoid stepping on metal
surfaces, reinforced concrete walls, interior metal racks or cabinets for the best
wireless sensor performance

PC-ABS, easy to clean surface

34 mm / 1,34 inch
Width  52 mm / 2,04 inch
Depth  25 mm / 0,98 inch
Weight:  14g

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