TP 13 Resistive Paired Probe

Reference: GTP13R


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TP 13 Resistive Paired Probe

These paired temperature sensors are used as components of energy meters. They are manufactured with the Pt 100, Pt 500 and Pt 1000 temperature sensing elements. The structure of the housing allows the direct installation of sensors in pipes without the need for thermowells, thus ensuring a rapid response to temperature changes.

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Product details about "Paired resistance thermometer type TP 13"

The sensors are compatible with energy meters manufactured by SIEMENS, LANDIS + GYR, KAMSTRUP, ITRON, CODEA, COMAC CAl, SENSUS METERING, etc. The sensors are intended for installation in heat sinks. The standard operating temperature range is 0 ° C to 180 ° C or 0 ° C to 150 ° C.

Paired probe type TP13

Sensitive element type 100pt, 500pt, 1000pt
Maximum continuous current 3mA (Pt100); 1,5mA (Pt500); 1mA (Pt100)
Recommended measurement current 1mA (Pt100); 0,5mA (Pt500); 0,3mA (Pt1000)
Measuring range 0 to 180 ° C
Delta mini . 2 or 3 ° C
Delta max. 180 ° C
Accuracy class of individual sensors B according to EN 60 751
Sensor connection according to the wiring diagram

Case length 27.5 mm
Case diameter 3,6 mm (TP 13); 5mm (TP 13A)
Case material DIN 1.4301 stainless steel
Material of fixing nut brass
Input cable 2-wire shielded silicone 2 x 0,22 mm 2
4-wire shielded silicone 4 x 0,12 mm 2
Cable lengths according to EN 1434-2, art. 3.3.4, chart 2
Wire resistance 0,16 per 1 m of 2-wire cable
Cable temperature resistance -25 to 180 ° C
Ingress protection IP 67 in accordance with EN 60 529
Isolation resistance > 100 MOhm at 100 V DC, 15 to 35 ° C, relative humidity <80%
Response time GTP 13R:t 0,5 <3 s (in flowing water at 0,4 ms -1 ) 
GTP-13AR:t 0,5 <8 s (in flowing water at 0,4 ms -1 )


  • Reference GTP13R
  • Name TP 13 Resistive Paired Probe


  • Measured Temperature
  • Product Type Wired probes


Paired resistance thermometer type TP 13 - Technical sheet GTP13R
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