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Temperature probes -30 to 200 ° C

Reference GTR-078R

  • Sensor type Pt 100, TCK, TCJ, others on request
  • Recommended measurement current ≤ 3 mA for Pt 100/3850 measuring element
  • Measuring range -30 To 200 ° C
  • Link 4 fils
  • Housing stainless steel, steel measuring tip

Product features Temperature probes -30 to 200 ° C

The TR 078A and TR 078B temperature sensors are designed according to the specific needs of temperature measurement in the preparation of rubber compounds. Temperature sensor variant A is equipped with a LEMO connector and can be supplemented with a head. The temperature sensor variant B is equipped with a ceramic terminal block located in the head.

The temperature sensors are very resistant to the abrasive action of rubber compounds and to vibrations. It is also possible to use sensors to measure the temperature of plastics and bulk materials. The housing of the temperature sensors is made of stainless steel and due to its construction a faster response time is obtained compared to sensors mounted in the well.


Head DANW4-M2A-4x-NS-CaL for variant A

Cable connector connecting piece for variant A - LEMO FFA.1S.304.CLAC62

Connection cable with LEMO connector FFA.1S.304.CLAC62 for variant A

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