TempTest 1 smart thermometer with 360-degree rotatable display *Step required

In production :  1 to 3 weeks
  • Reaches temperature in 3 seconds.
  • Patented 360 ° rotating display.
  • FREE traceable calibration certificate.
  • UKAS 3 point certificate available.
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The TempTest 1 smart thermometer incorporates a large, easy-to-read digital display, with an accurate temperature reading over a range of -49,9 to 299,9 ° C with a resolution of 0,1 ° C / ° F and an accuracy of ± 0,4 ° C (-49,9 to 199,9 ° C).

The thermometer will automatically turn off after ten minutes, thus maximizing battery life, this function can be turned off.

The TempTest 1 thermometer  is housed in a waterproof case IP67 with a sacred clothe ergonomic rubber seal,  both including the additive Biomaster to reduce bacterial growth.

In addition to being waterproof,  it is "probably" one of the fastest reading contact thermometers on the market today.

The actual temperature of a product can be measured in just three seconds.

Low battery (icon) and open circuit indication are displayed, if applicable.

Each TempTest 1 is powered by two AAA batteries with a minimum lifespan of 5000 hours under normal use without backlighting.

The backlight function has the smart technology - which is triggered only when the light level requires it.

The TempTest 1 is supplied with an integrated stainless steel food penetration probe (Ø3,3 x 80 mm) with quick-response tip and comes with a FREE case / wall mount, designed specifically for the TempTest to ensure safety and security and convenient storage.

360 ° automatic rotary display

The TempTest 1 has an automatic 360 ° display, which rotates in 90 ° increments, allowing the user to read the temperature in any position.

This function can be "locked" by the user, if required.

The automatic 360 ° rotating display is UK patent protected n ° GB 2504936 and the US patent No. US 9470560.

The TempTest 2 probe is also available, with a fast response portable probe permanently attached.

If you need to monitor temperatures remotely, we make a bluetooth version, TempTest Blue.

range: -49,9 to 299,9 ° C

Resolution: 0,1 ° C / ° F

Accuracy: ± 0,4 ° C (-49,9 to 199,9 ° C) otherwise ± 1 ° C

Drums : 2 x 1,5 volts AAA

Battery life: 5000 hours

Type of sensor: Thermocouple K

Display: 11 mm LCD - 360 ° rotation

Backlight: Yes

dimensions: 17 x 47 x 200 mm (probe included)

Weight: 105 grams

Case: ABS plastic with Biomaster antibacterial additive

Warranty: two years

Water / dust resistance: IP67 protection

Measuring scale : Celsius / Fahrenheit

Certification: FREE traceable calibration certificate

To comply with the standard : EN 13485


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