Barista's Coffee / Foam Thermometer *Step required

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  • Milk foam or coffee thermometers.
  • Easy to read dial with color coded areas.
  • Pack of 3 color codes available.
  • Includes FREE calibration key.

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These milk thermometers are a simple and efficient tool for professional baristas and home coffee makers.

They have a clear color-coded dial which indicates the optimum temperature for quick and easy use.

Milk foam thermometers are available in sizes from 25mm and 45mm dial as well as 130 mm and 175 m rods length.

Each thermometer is supplied with a stainless steel jug mounting probe clip, calibration key, and protective probe cover.

Barista thermometers measure between -10 and 110 ° C with a resolution of 1 ° C.

The analog dial displays measurement in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit.

To use, simply insert the stainless steel penetration probe into the measured liquid, the instrument reading will take a few seconds to stabilize.

You can now buy a pack of three dial thermometers milk color coded (red, green and blue) designed specifically to allow barista to easily identify the different types of milk used in stainless steel jugs, to avoid cross contamination.

range: -10 to 110 ° C

Resolution: 1 ° C

Display: analog dial

Case: stainless steel

Warranty: 1 year

Measuring scale : Celsius / Fahrenheit



AR005585 / AR005586 / AR005587

Download (1012.62k)

Calibration adjustment

AR005585 / AR005586 / AR005587

Download (2.12M)
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